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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

At Home During the War

By Lucy Robins, year 9, St Sampson’s School

Fathers leaving home,
Mothers working hard,
Children praying in the sun.

In the trenches,
The soldiers hide in the yard,
Waiting for the signal.

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The Men

He didn't understand. He knew where and what and how, but not why.

By Rollo Tiffin, year 9, Elizabeth College

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The suit case

I kept on telling mother that I did not want to leave but she said that the home I was going to was...

By Ross Atkinson, year 7, St Sampson’s School

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All Evacuate!

"RUN" shouted Mum as strange aircraft noises came from above. We all ran to the Anderson shelter and...

By Emily Bateman, year 7, Blanchelande School

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The loud whizzes and bangs of the bombs whistling through the air make me discombobulated, disoriented.

By Cameron Rivers-Moore, year 7, Elizabeth College

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Love you dad

It was a year ago today that the war ended and I am happy that it has all stopped so I can be back with my family.....

By Hari Robins, year 9, Les Beaucamps School

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