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Alive as a 11-year-old in WW1

By Ryan Austen, year 7, St Sampson’s School

July 28th 1914

Dear Diary,

Today was the day that my dad got taken away, but I do not know why. My mum said that “Dad has gone to fight against the Germans and he will be home soon.”
After my mum said that my dad had gone to war I imagined myself in his position but it was hard as I’ve never seen a war before.

If you wanted to know, my dad is called Andrew Phillips. My name is Edward and I am 11 years old. After, when all of the men had gone to war, it was silent in London and the women had to take over the jobs that the men did.

Today, my mum,sister and I all went to the market to get our food like jam and vegetables. After that, we went to the market -- we would always go to our local shop which is a cobblers' and that’s where my mum's best friend works. I get bored there as I can’t play with other children in the streets.

However, I’m going to be evacuated soon but I’m sort of nervous and really excited at the same time. My sister is coming and we hope that we are going somewhere near London so I can play with people in the streets. My favourite game to play with people is marbles where you roll them and see how far they go.

There's this new game that I love and it’s called blow football. But sadly my family can’t afford it. Where I live we have to share with other families and the rooms are tiny.

Around where I live is ok but it’s cold and the streets are dark and small with derelict houses lying either side empty.I would love to move out of here.

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