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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Charlee Hunkin, year 7, St Sampson’s School

What was going on?
Why did Father have to go?
The only thing I had been told was that Father had to go to war.
I was confused on all the commotion that had happened.
Father wasn’t a soldier he was an ordinary man who didn’t know how to fight.

Why was I evacuated?
Was there nothing I could have done to help?
Why did I have to live with a different family?
Why couldn’t mother look after me?
What if I wasn’t evacuated?
What would have happened to me?

How long was this war going on for?
Questions filled my head but the family I was staying with never answered any of them. Not one.
Every night I would toss and turn in bed, worried about my father and mother and wondering if they were ok.
I wanted to leave and help them!

How did the war start?
Who were we fighting against?
I needed to know the answers!
But who would know the answers to my questions?
Not one single person in this small village could answer me.
Not one.

What if there was no war? What would I be doing right now?
Why couldn’t I have stayed at home!?
Why did I have to come to this dreadful place!?
Everyday more questions fill my head as I worry more and more.
What was this world coming to?
Could it all be stopped?

Who could stop the war?
The last thing I remember my mother saying was “Hope is seeing light in spite of being surrounded by darkness.”
What did that mean? I wondered.
Was it a sign that the war was going to end?
Or was it something to keep our hopes up?

Whatever this all means I will find out...

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