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My life

By Hari Robins, year 9, Les Beaucamps School

I lived in a small village in Belgium and I often saw soldiers in cafes and shops that were trying to get away from the horrific trenches. One day I saw a soldier that was sitting down in a cafe on his own. I then thought this was my chance to ask a soldier some questions that I have been wondering for along time. I quickly got my questions together and then walked into the shop and said, ‘Hello,are you a soldier?’
He replied, ‘Yes.’ I then asked him if I could ask him some questions and luckily he then replied, ‘Yes’.
I then started to ask him ‘What made you want to join the army?’
He said his dad went to war and got a lot of medals but sadly died after a few months so he wanted to follow in his footsteps but get more medals than him, 'so I can then put them by his at my house so he will then see that I gave them to him so he then will have his aim.'
’Thank you for telling me. What is your name?' He froze for a second and hesitated like he didn’t want to give it away as he was a soldier. I then said, ‘You don’t have to tell me but my name is Hari and my dad joined the army but I have not heard from him for ages.The soldier then said, ‘My dad went missing too and i also joined the army to try and find him but I have got no luck so I think he died without anyone finding out.’
He then said 'Give me your address so we can send letters to each other to keep in contact, Here is mine.'
We have been sending letters ever since.

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