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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

It all changed

By Kiana Harrison, year 9, Les Beaucamps School

It was all nice until it changed. Why is it that everything nice in this world gets destroyed? I was all happy with my family until they came.
We got told we were going on holiday so we packed our bags and walked for miles until we could get on a train. The train ride was really long but when we got to our destination everyone looked really happy and there was music playing in the background. The men that were helping us off the train looked happy, they were being very nice. I was really confused because everyone was put into groups. Women and children in one group, workers in the other one.
When my mum realised what was going on, she handed me my baby brother and she told me to somehow sneak off and run as far as I could with him. I started to cry because I had to leave my family. I was carrying my baby brother because he couldn't walk yet because he was too young and a soldier had seen me. I ran as fast as I could go, I was so scared.
Soon I realised that we were in a camp. I got to this gate and it had barbed wire everywhere else, the soldier came over and as he was walking towards us he was shouting but as soon as the other soldiers walked away he had asked me if I was okay. He was actually really nice, his name was Nile. He was a farther to two kids but he had to leave them because he had to join the army.
Me and my brother were put in this tiny room somewhere on the camp and he said he would be back, I was so frightened but I knew that I would have to trust him. Nile came back in the night with a little truck, we had to get in the back so he lifted the spare tyre out and we had to hide in a tiny place.
We drove out of the gates and it felt like we had driven for miles, but we suddenly stopped and he had took us out. He said that he would have to leave. All I kept constantly thinking is how was I, a 14 year old girl going to raise her baby brother. Nile said goodbye and left us in this old house with food, he said he would return.
"Goodbye, I will be back," said Nile.
They found us…..BANG BANG

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