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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

I'm leaving

By chloe le page , year 9, Les Beaucamps School

I wake up this morning in a dreadful fright as I realise that my dad and brother are leaving today. I try to remember what they said about them helping to win the war and how all my friends will be jealous of my heroic family. I feel proud but also depressed as this could be the last time I can see my true family in months, maybe years. As I travel down the long winding stairs I see my mother preparing food for breakfast, as I turn away for a split second I hear a noise, a slight muttering in my ear. As I turn I see my mother with her hand covering her red bulging eyes and mascara dripping down her face. I walk over to her, gently touching her hand. Then she turns to me and says sadly, ’I'm fine, don't tell your father otherwise he might worry.’ I turn and say, ‘Mum he will be fine,’ even though I struggle to tell myself the same thing. As I turn I see my father marching down the stairs as if he is already at war, he comes into the kitchen silently as if he wants to disappear. The mood changes nearly automatically as he sees me standing there. ‘Morning darling, how was your sleep?’I reply with, ‘Are we just going to act like you're going to work?”

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