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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Glass War

By Bea Pope, year 7, The Ladies’ College

Bloodshed, guns, soldiers, destruction... death. Everywhere I look it surrounds me, even though my mother wants to keep me in a protective bubble, trying to shelter me from the raging war going on around us, but there is too much fighting to cover up. No amount of fake smiles and kind words could cover up our slowly crumbling city around us. All that is left is a shell of Berlin, a city that, a long time ago, was a happy place, filled with smiles and laughter, a place of love and joy. There is nothing left of that now.
"Mary, it's dinner time!"
Dinner has become a subdued occasion since Father left. It's just me and Mother now.
"So, how was your day?" Mother always asks this question and I never give a very enthusiastic answer.
"Fine, I finished my scarf and Mrs Smith added it the basket, she said it will be sent soon."
In total I have knitted seven scarves, yet I haven't done English in a month. The war takes up everyone's time now.
"Great, you're such a hard worker!"
But we both know that's not true - everyone else in class has made ten scarves and I had to have Mrs Smith help me so much she practically made them.
"How's dinner?"
Mother is really pushing for conversation but I just let my brown hair curtain my face and tell her it's nice. Dinner is a small bowl of soup and a slice of stale bread. It's horrible but I know a lot of rations went into it so I lie to please her. I lie all the time now, it's easier to not show emotion when it's like everything around you is made of glass, but soon my charade will crack and everything around me will shatter.

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