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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Why did they have to take him from me?

By Evie Robinson, year 7, The Ladies’ College


I run out the door in floods of tears shouting “ WHY, NO, DON’T TAKE HIM FROM ME.” A German soldier grabs me before I run into the road after the van. He tells me “ Saty Legte kleines mädchen” which means "stay put little girl." He then runs after the van and jumps in. I see it drive away into the distance… I fall to the ground shaking with fear. Mother comes to the front door and takes me inside. She try’s to comfort me but I shake her off. Why did they have to take him away from me?

I wake up the next morning thinking it was a dream and then realise it’s not. I walk downstairs and my worst nightmare is sitting there right in front of me. Mother's there crying saying “ They’ve taken John!” John was my older brother. He’s 19 now, an adult. We pretended he was younger so he wasn’t taken away… but they found out. “WHAT? HOW? HOW DID THEY FIND OUT?” The soldiers found out through the government who have records of everyone who lives in Germany. Mother says they took him early this morning, knocked on the door until someone came and the minute mother opened it they charged in and went straight upstairs. They grabbed John and wrestled him out of his bed.Why did they have to take him away from me? First dad, now John.

The war is the worst thing that’s happened to my family. I hate the Nazis and so does the rest of my family. We tried to stay hidden but it’s like every corner you turn there is someone there looking at you . I really hope they come back but you never know, anything could happen, it’s the Nazis…

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