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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

I regret this

By Oliver Harrison, year 7, Elizabeth College

I had had enough. I was going to run away as far as I could from school. I was getting picked on from both teachers and students. It was lunch time, and everyone was enjoying the sun and playing outside. I wasn’t. I looked both left and right then brought out my cutters from my blue bag and started snipping the fence. I got through it in about 5 minutes and felt so free. Without even looking back once I just ran and ran and ran. I could feel the sun blazing against my face and feel my sweat dripping down my face. Then suddenly out of nowhere a car came zipping around the corner and pulled on the breaks hard next to me. Two men got out of the car.
One of them asked, “How’s your day been young fella?”
Then I replied, “Yeah it’s been good thanks pal”.
Then suddenly the other bloke I saw get out of the car had me in a headlock. I was screaming and wriggling around but it was not use, no one could see what was happening. I had a shiver go up my spine. Then I can’t remember seeing anything, I had been knocked out.
I woke up from the sound of bangs of guns screeching and tearing human life. I was in a pitch-black room with a German guard behind me. It took me a few minutes to work out that I am being used as a lure to take out all the English trying to get in. This was all too much for me and I broke down into tears. Then suddenly out of nowhere the door swung open and a German guard shouted, “The British are almost in, let's just shoot the kid.”
I was in tears but then suddenly…..

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