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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

World War ll

By Luke Le Pelley, year 7, Elizabeth College

World War ll
I woke by the sound of bombs going off. I knew straight away what was happening. My mum said if there are ever bombs going off, don’t wait for her just get to the shelter.

I could hear the air raid siren as I was running down the garden. I could see the planes above me. I made it there, but my mum, brother and sister weren’t there. I didn’t leave the shelter as I was so frightened. I just rolled over and tried to get some sleep.

In the morning I woke around 6.a.m I got out of the shelter and buildings and houses were all gone, and my house was gone. It wasn’t until then that I realised my mum, brother and sister were dead. I was devastated, there was no chance they would have lived in it. The house was gone. I then thought I am going to have to find my dad.

I knew where he was roughly, I knew he was around Portsmouth. I would have to look around a bit. I got a few things from the shelter and then headed off . I walked out of London and down towards Portsmouth. It took me all day and some of the night, but I got there. I found the boat that my dad was on and I found him. He was so happy to see me. The captain said he was allowed to stay in England to look after me until I was old enough to fight in the war.

We rented a nice little house out in Cornwall and me and my dad could live there safely. But then one day I was old enough to fight in the war and me and my dad went to fight for our country.

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