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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Hide, Run, Repeat

By Billy Boscher, year 7, Elizabeth College

My sister and I sprinted across the rubble of the concentration camp. People screaming in the background, crying as their family members are swept away like birds taking worms. Tears streaming down my eyes as I remember my mother and father just moments ago, as I was in their warm grasp. I took a quick glance behind me and watched as 2 Nazi soldiers were on our tails. I remember how it all happened.

We had just arrived at the camp smelling the gas filled air for the first time. It made us all cough. I kept asking my mum what would happen and she would just turn around with a hopeful glance. When I saw her smile here, was only when I asked her. At one point, she looked at me and whispered “Patricia stay behind me.”
“Why?” I responded.
“Just do it.” she said in a stern voice. I grabbed my sister's shoulder and pulled her behind.

She tried to scream but I covered her mouth, fear shooting through my body like a bullet from a gun. A Nazi soldier stood in front of my mother and father. They had a conversation, but I can’t remember what they said. All I knew was something bad was about to happen. By now my sister had stopped screaming, so I stopped covering her mouth and gripped her arm like a vice, ready to run.

I heard my mother scream, piercing my ear drums. I watched as the Nazi member called over more Nazis to take her and my father. As they moved her he saw me and my sister and that’s when we ran.

Now we have reached another soldier and we saw he has a gun, and when he saw we were being chased, he held the gun and shot...

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