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Love you dad

By Hari Robins, year 9, Les Beaucamps School

It was a year ago today that the war ended and I am happy that it has all stopped so I can be back with my family, as I was evacuated on my own by soldiers.When I got off the boat and went to see my family there was something different and that was that my father wasn’t there. I greeted them and then asked my mum where my dad was. She said, 'I will tell you about that later.'

When I got home I ran upstairs to see if my father was home but he wasn’t and his bag was not there.When I went back downstairs my family were waiting for me in the dining room and when I walked in they all shouted 'welcome home' and the dinner table had lots of food on like it was a roast dinner, but it was my favourite food; chicken curry. I then sat down and had the food set on the table with my family eating with me.
I then asked my mum where dad was and she said he was shot and was dead on a battlefield….

I dropped down in tears and could not get over what I was just told. My mum tried to comfort me and said that she tried to hide it from me so I wouldn’t get so upset and then she would gradually tell me bit by bit. I then started to calm down and my mum said ‘Would you like to see a letter that I received from your dad before he died?' I then asked my mum if I could see the letter. When she gave me the letter, there was his picture. It said ‘I will be there for you.’

Love you

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