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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Beatrice haynes, year 7, Blanchelande School

"Help". My dad is leaving me. He's going to war! I l lay by the open door reaching out with all my might. "Dad please" I shouted. Then I was speechless. What if he dies out there? I would never forgive myself. I love him too much to let him go. Even Coco my dog is barking.
My mum just sat there and sighed. I could tell she was broken inside but trying to keep calm, so I had to feel calm too. My dad looked at me one last time with sad eyes and turned back. Suddenly a huge draught slammed the door shut. BANG...

Coco pulled me over to the sofa and sat on my lap. We were silent and still.
Suddenly the phone rang. I looked over at my mum who jumped up with surprise. She picked up the phone. "Hello this is Florence speaking ". She waited a second then turned to me "Elisabeth would like you to stay over for a month". "Well, sweetheart the truth is I have to work for the war and you would get very bored watching me cook all day". She pleaded with me. I sighed. " I guess so but I 'll come and visit". "Of course,".
I went upstairs to pack my bag. Just before I left my mum gave me a kiss on the cheek and shut the door behind me. Elizabeth only lived 5 doors down the road, so I ran.

Four weeks later we heard a knock at the door. Her dad was back already. They'd lost! Elizabeth's mum nearly fainted. But I wondered if my dad was back. I ran back home but there was no sight of him. I hugged my mum. "I love you". In my mind I'd already knew what I was going to do.....

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