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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Lois Fry, year 8, St Sampson’s School

I, Scarlett Brown, am 12 years old. My younger sister Dawn is 3 and my parents are Fred and Shelagh. War has just been announced and my father is going out to France to fight for our country.
It's May 9th, 1915 and Mother and Dawn are being evacuated to Scotland. I'm going to stay with Grandma in East London as I'm too old to be evacuated.
At the train station, the whistle blows and I wave goodbye to Mother and Dawn.
It's October 13th 1915 ,and Grandma and I have been taken into a rescue shelter. Unfortunately, Grandma's house was bombed by the Germans. Whilst at the rescue shelter, I met an old lady who particularly caught my attention. She looked homeless; due to her clothes and the dirt on her skin. Although I wanted to talk to her I was a bit nervous to just in case she didn’t like me. Eventually, I convinced myself to go over.
"Hello," I said politely putting my hands behind my back as I was shaking with nerves.
"Hello darling, how're you?" She replied. "I'm Violet,"
"What a beautiful name!"
"Thank you, but if you would excuse me dear, I need to speak to a friend.”
After talking to Violet, and to my delight, Mother and Dawn came into the shelter. As they were walking in, a telegram deliverer boy came in.
"I have a telegram for Shelagh Brown!"
Mother fell to the floor and started crying and I went up to collect it as I knew she couldn’t bear it. Father was missing in action!
As evening drew in, I went outside to take a look at the sunset. I was so emotional and needed to calm down. Planes were flying over but I didn't panic, until...
BANG! Everything went black...

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