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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Cerys Collins, year 8, St Sampson’s School

The year was 1914 and it is a warm evening in July. Just like every day I had finished school and Mother was getting ready for dinner. I walked in and she greeted me.
“Hello Love,” she said “when you are dressed ready for dinner could you change Charlie for me?”
I nodded and went upstairs to my room to get changed.

My room was boring and plain, much like my life. Nothing ever happens. I live for adventures but none await me. We lived in East Yorkshire, a quiet place full of nice people and beautiful countryside. Unfortunately, every day was the same.

Father joined us for dinner . He had a frightful look about him and looked uneasy. We had all started to eat when Mother spoke. “Dearest, what has troubled you?”

Father sighed. “I’m going to fight in the war.” he said.
My happiness was shattered. He explained that he felt he needed to do it for his country.
“I know Charlie is young but you are strong, I will miss you so much. Sorry. I leave tomorrow,” Father said blankly.
It seemed as if all his words were lies and he didn’t care about us.

I didn’t know how to feel. My mind was full of angry thoughts and I teared up. At that moment all I could think about was he might die. I was worried for him, sad for him, sorry for him, yet I had to stay strong for Mother and my brother. If I broke down, who would be strong? I had to keep this all in. After the meal and a long chat about this I was all cried out and my only feeling was emptiness. The empty feeling had to stay until the end of the war. For Mother and Charlie.

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