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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Surprising Acquaintances

By Eowyn Falla, year 7, Blanchelande School

It was a very quiet night considering war had broken out in Guernsey. It was also declared to happen tonight. The noisy, peace breaking phone rang. Mother hurried to get it. "Hello, who is this?" Mother questioned. Her eyes focused on father; somehow, it was bad news. "John, your sergeant major needs you to help the fight." I was about to cry buckets, I felt so distraught. "No Father please don’t go please!" I begged. Father shook his head before comforting me.

The next morning scared me, seeing my father in his army gear about to leave. I hung my head like a drooling dog. I was so anxious that it hurt to breathe. He went, my security had just abandoned me. Nothing was fair anymore. Mother kept throwing glass vases at me in her rage. Father would have never let that happen.

It has been a couple of days since father departed into the jaws of the monster of war. Mother kept leaving me to meet up with her friends even though it is an offence to leave children under 16 unaccompanied in St. Peter Port townhouses. I felt so isolated, suppressed, like I was about to go mad.

BANG, BANG. The heavy wooden doors clattered. I woke up in panic, my heart was beating like thunder. I thought it may be gunshots but obviously, it wasn’t. THUD went the door. A heavy voice started to speak " Boy go look for any survivors," he said eagerly. The young German boy soon found me. Respectfully he put his gun down and placed a smile across his wounded face. I was shivering with anxiety, so he saw. He removed his coat and wrapped it around me. He sat down whilst removing a telegraph from his shirt pocket. He'd stolen the missing in action telegraph from someone. Horrifyingly my father was placed at the top of the list. The boy wrapped his arms around me for comfort.

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