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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Joshua Penney, year 8, Grammar School

Dear Diary,

Crouching under the stairs, I heard the door, “Oh no, they're back!” It’s the Nazis as always .

My name is Josh, I’m a normal thirteen year old boy who just loves to kick a football. I have a brother, Miles and a sister called Emily. Father left to go and do ‘business’ but hasn’t returned in four years, all three of us are sitting in a wardrobe under the stairs, our life has been ruined by the them. We can only go out in the gloomy filthy night at one to three a.m., please help us!

As the night grew a grotty grey colour, it was our chance to escape, we opened the door and a little creak came from it. We picked up a blue and white checkered biscuit tin, full to the brim with digestives. After that it was time to escape. We ran out of the kitchen, which had rather dark wood planks of wood, and escaped through the front door. Now was the hard part…

Sprinting out of the door Emily, Miles and I got to any piece of cover we could find. Staring at the field, me and James used to play in, it’s now a war zone. We had to get to the pier and quick, if we didn’t make it by 5a.m. we would be literally digging our grave. Running down the Val des Terres had to be the worst part, we took a sharp turn right at the bottom and went to the bathing pools next to the ancient, dusty aquarium. We had all our equipment and waited for an English boat to come, looking at my watch and looking over the horizon, they were coming!

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