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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Day That They Found Us

By Garret Gordon, year 8, Grammar School

That’s when they found us… I was told there was a raging war, but I didn't know what that meant. We were told father had to leave, but we didn't know why. Until one day, my brother, sister and I awoke fearfully to Mother explaining that father had left already. Immediately, I burst into tears. “I didn't say good-bye! What if he doesn't come back!” Sobbing, I buried my head in my pillow on the floor.
Kaboom! Bang! We were just moving our belongings into a secure shelter where we would have to sleep until the war ended so that if there were raids during the night, we were guarded from the explosions. It was midday, and a German plane had flown over a field outside the village and dropped two small bombs, and the explosions were deafening. One landed right in front of the farmers, and a few screams could be heard from my house. After a short amount of fuss around the town, we continued moving to the bunker which was a small, disgusting, damp, room made entirely of concrete. My family weren’t the only people there. We we were sharing with our neighbours, and it was very cramped when everyone was inside.
The entrance to the bunker was a small trap door behind a tree which was hidden under the grass. Everyone everyone was talking and getting along just fine until the point the nasty Nazis arrived. Their boots were clomping heavily on the road, and we heard another explosion in the fields and more screams and more cries and more boots on the road, and everyone was just so scared that we would be found in our bunker and then be killed. That’s all that was running through our minds until the gunfire and the shouting.

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