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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Alone and Scared

By Jacob de Jersey, year 8, Elizabeth College

"Just why? Why my country, why my town? my, home?" It has been two years since the men took my mother and killed my father, leaving my brother and me alone, in a pile of rubble that I called my home. Life is harsh, scary, and each day I feel a humongous passionate anger for those men. Those soldiers from the U.S. who came with the purpose to bring their so-called peace. If this is what peace looks like, then hell couldn’t be much worse.
Gun fire, booms and bangs, screams: these are all noises that have become the norm to me. All day. All night. For warmth at night, my brother and I cuddle together on the floor and pray that we live through the night. During the daytime we must stay hidden, otherwise we will be taken by the scary men with guns who will take us away and make us fight for them. Many of my friends have been taken; I saw one once in the town walking towards some U.S. soldiers. I thought that he was going to tell them about what the men did to him, but he pulled out a gun from behind his back and shot three men dead before being shot dead himself.
Our town is predominantly dominated by the U.S. so there is a chance of my brother and I getting help from them to escape, but I am afraid that they will think that we are boy soldiers and not just scared boys.

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