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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

September the 11th

By Ollie Batiste, year 8, Elizabeth College

I am crying. I am alone. I am scared. Today is September the 11th 2001, why am I crying? I shouldn’t be crying I’m 13 for Christ sake. Then again, this morning I had two affectionate parents and now I am an orphan.
It was 8:46 when in my apartment I heard a tremendous boom, the ground shook underneath my feet as I ran for the window. My Dad had already gone to work at the fire station and my Mum was staying home with me. I ran out to see one of my favourite buildings in New York engulfed in flames. I immediately had one thought “Dad!” My Mum ran for her wardrobe to get her nurses uniform. As she got ready she told me to “stay put” and that “Mum and Dad are going to be ok.” Those were the last words that I ever heard her say.
I looked down upon the street and saw fire engine after fire engine whizz past I prayed that it wasn’t my Dad. It was around 15 minutes later when another plane crashed into the other tower. I saw thousands of people running around helping, fleeing and crying. I just stayed put and watched the news. ‘Crash’ the tower went down. Rubble and ash engulfed the street below. I ran down to aid my mother and father. The police tried to hold me back but I could not. Once I went past the safe zone I was distraught everyone was dead.
That was what I can remember. Kneeling over in the rubble, my tears dripple down my face. It’s all gone. Everything is gone. I hope that my Dad went out in a blaze of glory and my Mum saved as many people as possible. I wonder, what will happen next?

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