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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Gunshot, scream, thud

By Tamsin Polson, year 8, Grammar School

For the first time in my life I truly felt fear. I feared for my life. I heard gunshots echoing in my ears as I sat in a cramped space with Mama and Papa. For a split second the gunshots stopped. I heard shouting in a language I didn't understand. Louder and louder, the shouting grew until papa says " Honey, if I don't make it this time, I love you , and I love you too Ayesha, " before quickly exiting our bunker with his gun in his right arm, fully loaded.

I was lost for words. "Papa no!" I screamed in my head, I couldn't get the words out. I tried to follow him but mama restrained me, held me back. Was she crazy?
"He's doing this for us Ayesha," Mama sighed with a tear welling in her eye. All of a sudden I heard a gunshot, a scream,a thud. Not any old scream, but Papa's.

The scream replayed in my head like a broken record. I did all I could not to cry out loud, just a silent tear ran down my cheek. When I finally had the courage , I slowly turned my head to Mama. Looking heartbroken, she pulled me in for a hug. After a while the gunshots came to a stop. For a while I heard the voices of the foreign sounding men died down. Mama and I waited for at least another 20 minutes until we were certain nobody was still there, to slowly exit from our home-made bunker. Dreading what I was to see next I shut my eyes tightly . Mama gasped. I opened my eyes to see my dear Papa's lifeless body on the floor. I took the flower in my hair and placed it by Papa...

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