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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Letting Go

By Jude Anderson, year 7, Elizabeth College

“Dad, why must you go away?…”
It’s 1914, and war has been declared. Lots of my friends have been evacuated, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was next. I’m in my room, playing with my model airplanes, which is a tad ironic seeing what’s going on right now. But something’s off. My parents are arguing. They never fight over anything. I’m heading down, I can hear their voices getting louder.
“If I don’t, the entire country could be ripped apart!”
“I don’t give a damn about the bloody country, John. I’m not losing you to those filthy Germans!”
“Last I checked, I choose what I do!”
“But think about YOUR CHILD! It’d rip him to shreds if he finds out!”
“Find out what?” I finally built up the courage to enter. My dad’s slowly walking over to me and bending down to his knees.
“Listen here, OK?”
“OK…” I’m stammering a bit. What’s so important and disturbing?
“I need to go away for a while… for… something…”
“Dad, why must you go away… Wait, I know what you’re about to do. You’re going to join the Army, aren’t you? Please, don’t… don’t leave us…”
“I’m sorry, but if I don’t, we might all die…”
“OK then. I’d rather die with you than live in a world without you… please…”
“I know it’s hard, but sometimes in life, you just have to… well… let go.”
But before I can even speak, he leaves the room and starts heading out. I start to cry, running after him. I’m bursting out of the door, my mother holding me back. I don’t know what I’m feeling… Sad… Angry… Everything’s just a blur… My mother’s crying too, screaming at my dad to come back. But now he’s out of sight… he’s… gone… forever…

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