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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The day the Nazis came to stay

By Phoebe Hamon, year 9, Grammar School

I was just a young girl, out in the fresh air, playing on my old, wizened swing that was invaded by dead ivy leaves. I would sway back and forth on that swing with the cool, crisp air, that blew through my long golden ringlets. The smell of the freshly cut grass would fill my nostrils, with the lovely scent of wildlife. Every so often, I was lucky enough to experience the beautiful sound of the blackbird singing to it’s heart’s content, on top of the greenhouse.

Though that was to be my last time living a normal calming life with my loving family! I could feel it in the atmosphere that there was a tinge of foreboding. The blackbird was never to be heard again. My father had come back from his work down in the field, when he cried with exhaustion,

“We have to move quickly...Soon it will be the day the Nazis come to stay!”

There must have been something that I missed, because I didn’t understand what my dear father meant by the Nazis. Why was he panicking so much? Why did we need to move? Who were the Nazis? My mind was overcome with all of these different emotions and questions swirling around inside, like a mini tornado brewing.

The last moment of happiness was soon bombarded with: sadness, question and fear! All I could remember about my family was that my mother, father and sister were taken. A tear trickled down my pale, cracked face, that was now beaten, bruised and tortured! My body felt as if it had been like a can that had all of its love, care, family and nutrients stolen!
That is when I realised what my father had meant by ‘The day the Nazis come to stay’!

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