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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The day the sky turned black

By Lana De Garis, year 8, Grammar School


I was alone. No one around me. Stranded at the dining table, my cereal slowly disappearing. The window beside me was open. The cool air blowing my long brown hair, the sun beaming, the birds flying in unison and the miles of unmissable New York were pure perfection. There was no other place I would be. The question froze in my head like the statue of Liberty.

What was today going to be? Little did I know, someone was in danger!

I wandered our apartment, nothing exciting to be seen. I was afraid about being alone, afraid that someone might be lurking. 'Ding-dong.' Sudden fear hit me. I steadily walked towards the door, my legs trembling.
"Dad!" I shrieked. My dad was working in Texas when we left, working for the Air Force. "Hey sweetheart, how's my girl," he asked. "Im good," I replied happily "and so is mum."

We explored the city; the Empire State building, Central Park. Everything was going well with my dad. Until, very drastically, crowds of people were gasping and pointing to the blue lit sky. A plane. A very dangerous plane. Vigorously falling, heading to the North Tower. The nose quickly made contact with the ostentatious tower.....

Misery broke out upon the crowds, immediate shock strikes me. The ground began to shake, I looked up. Thick black smoke flooded the air, red and amber flames spilled from the broken windows. Burning paper shredded as it fell. Objects smashed against the distraught ground. Thoughts piled up in my mind, my face fell as I witnessed people escaping the smouldering tower. Panic hit me, I struggled to keep my balance. I died a little inside. My vision blurred. "RUN," yelled Dad.

I got distracted, "Ava, wait." "Mum?" I thought. I turned around, she was gone.

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