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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Unfair War

By Chloé Ozanne, year 8, St Sampson’s School

Father was gone. He had left earlier that morning along with most of the other men in the village. Mother said that he had gone to fight for our country and he would be back soon, but I was scared. I had learnt a lot about the war at school. Mrs Williams told us that people all over England also had fathers that had to go off to war. It’s so unfair, people who just want to get on with their lives have to go and fight a war that somebody else started.

You have to be 17 to join the war, mother told us that, but lots of people still got to go and fight. My cousin Benjamin said he wanted to fight for his country, though he was only 15, he went to sign up and managed to get through. I was so proud of him.

Meanwhile I have been helping with the war differently. Our school raised lots of money. One sunny morning we even went looking for recyclable scraps, ‘to help build bombs, weapons and planes in the factories’ Mrs Williams had said. The little boys in the other class allways play soldiers. They pretend to shoot one another but when the bell rings they are alive again. They don’t understand. You can’t just go back home like nothing has happened after the war. That’s not how it works.

It’s been ages. Mother says the boys will be back soon but she’s been saying that for months. Sometimes I get nightmares of boys I know running through the muddy fields getting shot, once your shot your lost forever. You can’t just come back alive when this stupid game is finished. That’s not how it works. It’s so unfair, It’s so unfair, IT’S SO UNFAIR.

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