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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The night I got out

By Kai Townsend, year 8, Grammar School

I woke up in a pitch black room, in a pitch black house, in the pitch black night and heard the sound of rats scuttling around me. That was strange, I thought. I’d never heard rats in the house before. Trundling down the stairs I looked out the window to see a dim light shining in the distance. Then I heard the guards… ...the guards that kept us here, the guards I hated!
I muttered under my breath and turned to leave when I saw them, two amber eyes piercing through the darkness, then... just as quickly as they came... they were gone.
“Squeak, Squeak, SQUEAK,” it was coming from the kitchen. I entered and there they were, this time 4 amber eyes stared at me in the darkness. They then started moving… moving slowly… very slowly… then… then they were gone.

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Alone, shy, scared.

When I clambered into bed I felt alone, even though I was with Sophie, I just felt like I didn’t know...

By Charlotte Duquemin, year 7, Grammar School

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The Day of Doom

As the clouds covered the pale sky, torn apart in places, like this world today, I knew things could...

By Benjamin Childs, year 8, Elizabeth College

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All Gone

Thud, thud, thud Billy the postman stomps down the grubby, cobbled street in my tiny village, an owl hoots . . .

By Beatrix Rowe, year 7, Blanchelande School

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Dad went on a trip today. I'm not sure when he'll be back but nobody will tell me.

By Evie McKenzie-Haines, year 8, Grammar School

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I Miss You Father

I miss him. I think about him. I want to see him again. I shouldn’t have let him go to war. I

By Henri Whitehorne, year 8, Elizabeth College

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