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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Running Man

By Charlie cohen, year 9, Grammar School

It was all happening so fast that I could barely comprehend what was happening around me. I was first safe at home and then the siren went off and as quick as a flash we were out of the door, running down the drab streets of London, the pavement slick from the rainfall as it slipped under my shoes. As we were running down the street. I was surrounded by other families running frantically along the road, the sound of footsteps echoing around me. I knew that the nearest bomb shelter was just up the top of our street and I could see the top of the dome shaped building jutting out amongst the houses. Through all of this commotion I kept on running up the road, clutching my sister's hand in a vice like grip.
We reached the gateway underground but it was behind dozens of people that were clawing their way into the safety of the shelter. That's when I heard it. In the distance, the sound of the German luftwaffe carrying dozens of weapons that will bring ruin to a city, reducing cities to ashes and bring sorrow to millions. Now the race to get in was more frantic than ever. Families acting like animals to find a place to survive. Slowly but surely we made it into the shelter. The wooden doors welcoming us to its sanctuary within. Then they dropped. The sound was deafening, the shockwave turning my bones to rubber, rattling my brain inside my head. This lasted for half an hour. During this time horrors flashed through my mind like lightning. Images of broken down buildings, raging fires and wailing sirens
Eventually we emerged from our saviour and back into the street, my body shaking uncontrollably, awaiting the horrors above me.

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