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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Madeleine Vaudin, year 8, Grammar School

Why? Why did I sacrifice my only sister only so that I could have save my own, pointless life? She had never done anything to harm anyone and there was so much more she had to learn from this place. But now the world will never know the wonder that I was lucky enough to call my sister.
I can just remember hearing piercing screams coming from the house as I pulled our stiff front door open and I knew the deceit I had already been told. They said the war was over, but for me it had only just begun. I could have chosen to stay in Guernsey during the occupation, but I thought it was the best idea to leave while I still could. But, looking back, I had chosen the wrong path.
I could feel myself dropping to my knees and sobbing. My sister had the most beautiful azure eyes that could make even the most sullen man smile. But seeing them staring lifelessly at our ceiling was possibly the most painful thing I could imagine. So I closed them, with the lightest of touches. She was a busy young girl, almost like an excited little puppy, new to this world with a free, open attitude. She was sweet to everyone that she met, even if they weren’t to her, because she didn’t know anything else. I could only wish for her naivety now.
Her body felt weird in my hands. As if she were a stone with skin. A cold, stiff figurine. It was hard to believe that she was a being that knew joy and excitement only a minute ago. But now she was gone. My adventurous, bubbly little sister had left me forever, and I would never be the same again

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