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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Fire and Flames

By Tarek Pledge, year 9, Grammar School

It was September the fifth, nineteen forty. Dusk. The clouds strolled along the skies’ highways and the barrage balloons floated in their positions like leaves on the surface of water.
My mother was watching a black and white film on the television and my little sister and I were peeking through the crack of the door to find out what happened next. Mother said it was scary and Julia would get nightmares.
“David!” shouted my mother from inside the room, thinking I was upstairs in my bedroom.
“Yes?!” I replied in a loud but subtle voice to make it seem like I was upstairs.
“Tea’s ready!”
“Coming!” I tapped my feet to imitate us scurrying down the stairwell and then we opened the door. “What’s cookin?” I asked.
“Fish fingers and peas,” she replied, “And some cake after if you behave.”
But suddenly, I heard the air-raid siren in the distance, whaling in our ears, the sound that told us to get to safety but bringing danger with it.
“Turn off all the lights!”
Everyone rushed to the windows, closed the blinds and turned off all the lights.
We lay in darkness.
“David?” Mother asked.
“What!” I replied hurriedly.
“I hear them.”
It was true, the planes had seen us, we were too late, I was too late.
We rushed out of the front door and onto the street, as soon as I ran outside a massive ball of flames arose from the house on the other side of the street. The shock wave pushed us all to the ground. My back was scorched with fire and my arm had been incinerated. Slowly, I saw myself floating up into...
I soared up into the air staring at my family and I. Wishing there was a way out.

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