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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

the dead one

By lewis collins, year 8, Grammar School

“Dear, please go to your uncle's greenhouse and collect some flowers for me,” shouted mum down the hall.
“Yes mum,” I replied, so I eagerly put my shoes on and started to stroll to my uncle’s house to get the keys to the greenhouse. What a magnificent day: the sun was glistening, the birds were chirping and there were no clouds at all in the sky.
I stopped to have a break on the wall that was leading into a field and I saw a man most probably a German slave worker, he was quilting cauliflower leaves into bags left, right and centre, the field owner had come out to instruct him that if he keeps picking the cauliflower leaves that he would fire him from the field and won’t be able to work ever again. But the man took no notice and carried on picking the cauliflower leaves for his family, I was guessing. The field owner came out again and he fired him but the man retaliated and tried to hit the owner. The slave worker got held to the floor and my daddy’s friend went to go and get someone but I couldn’t make out who it was.
He walked out of the hefty concrete hut. I looked at him from bottom to top. He was wearing pointy polished dark black shoes, grey trousers pressed to perfection, a blazer with medals and on his shoulders, bright red tassels and finally his peaked cap which he pushed up as he walked to the slave. He ripped out his gun and held it to his head. He shot him dead, I froze and couldn’t believe what I saw, I sprinted the rest of the way to my uncle's greenhouse and I was scared for life.

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