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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The Bombs

By Jamie Smith, year 9, Elizabeth College

It was a normal day, until it all happened. I was sitting in my room playing with my toys when the first bomb hit. It hit the house across the street. I was terrified. I couldn't hear anything, there was ringing in my ears. I dashed to my mum and dads room to see that my little sister was already there, crying and terrified. I jumped in my mum and dads bed hoping that that was the last, but it was only the beginning. All through that night bombs were sent down to destroy us. All I could here was bang and then screams and yells as the bomb hit someone's house.

This was the worst night of my life. It felt like ages, but when it was over I was relieved. I hugged my mum and dad, just because we had managed to survive. I went outside to see how much destruction was caused. My heart sank. Nearly all the houses around me were destroyed. The smell of smoke was choking me and the sight of the lifelessness of the other people scared me. I just remembered about Bill, my best friend. Was he ok? I quickly got on my bike and cycled as quick as I could. His house wasn't far so it didn't take long but when I got there, I was devastated. His house was gone, just disappeared like it was never there.

All the rest of that day I sat in my room until night. I was just sitting there no life left in me. Suddenly, more bombs. This time we weren't so lucky. I was under my bed when the bomb hit. Our whole house crumbled on top, but I was fine, underneath my bed, until the second one hit...

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