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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Ben Johnson, year 9, Elizabeth College

I open my eyes. The swirling dust hurts my eyes. I close my eyes. I think back 5 minutes ago when I was walking down the street with my mother and then...I open my eyes. I sit up and look around. The streets are filled with rubble. "Where is everyone?" I think to myself. "Where is my mother?" As I try to stand up pain floods like a raging river through my leg. I look down see a big gash in my right leg. I sit down. I look around. The market, where my family buys their food, has been turned into rubble. Bits of watermelon and fish are everywhere. "What’s going on?" I think to myself. I must find mother but my leg hurts a lot. I decide to deal with the pain and find mother. As I stand up the same pain rushes through my leg, but I grit my teeth and limp on. “Mother!” I call as I stumble up to the market. The loud silence deafens me. I call again and meet the same response. As I move away from the market, I hear someone calling for help. Is it my mother? I rush in the direction of the sound. I run towards the rubble where the sound is coming from and see a woman. But it is not my mother. The middle-aged woman is clutching her leg. Or where her leg used to be. I look away at the sight and start gagging at the smell. However, I try to help. “Help me!!” the woman cries.
“What should I do?” I say to her in a slightly panicked fashion.
“Go get help, there is another town just a few miles west of here. Go get help!” I rush off immediately. “I’ll find mother later.”

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