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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Letter Home

By Thomas Judd, year 7, Grammar School

Dear Mother,
We are missing you so much and we hope you are missing us. This place is great but we are missing London. Clair has taken an immediate liking to the owner but I haven’t. I got an 18 shillings book token but when I got home one day, she had taken it off me and gave it to her husband as a gift.

About a week ago, a German bomber flew over the town and we were sent to the emergency bunker but luckily it was just flying over us heading for London. Clair started crying but I comforted her and afterwards I took her to the shop and bought her a lollipop.

Clair loved her birthday present from you and she got a pink teddy bear from Mrs Starling. I loved the blue jumper that you knitted for me, it’s so comfy. From Mr Starling I got a really shiny penknife with a leather case.

Last night a big army truck rumbled through the town and there was lots of shouting. When I got outside both the neighbours were shouting and were being dragged away. When I woke up the town was full of American soldiers.

I asked Mrs Starling why they were in our town and she said they had to practise landing their U boats. Last night I was called downstairs and Mr Starling told me that we would have to leave our town so they could use a large area of land to practise and that we would have to move within three weeks.

I’m really scared but Mr Starling insists it will be ok. I still don’t really know why they need the land around the front. They should use some big lake or something.

Love, Garry and Clair xxx

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