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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Evacuee Letter

By Matthew Williams, year 7, Grammar School

Dear Mother,
How are you? Since we arrived at the Jones’ house I have been counting down the days until we see you again. I like it here in Wales and I want to tell you all about it.
So far I have been having quite a good time in Wales with Mr and Miss Jones. Mr Jones runs a shop by the house and sometimes very kindly lets me help out which really helps me to get my mind off things. Fred has had his birthday recently and Miss Jones got him a pair of soft leathery gloves.
Mr Jones is a very religious man who believes strongly in the lord. As well as that he is a counselor and goes to council meetings some days. He also has a child who has moved away. Mr Jones can be quite stern and particular about keeping the house clean. While Mr Jones is away Miss Jones puts a rug over the carpet on the stairs to keep it clean. Miss Jones is kind and caring, she likes to help us when we sometimes get in trouble.
Wales is very different to London in many ways because Wales is a very rural place and london is a very urban place , I learnt what that meant in school.
Fred and I have been enjoying our stay at the Jones’ house but we are ready to come back home when the war is done.
Lots of love
Beatrice Brown.

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