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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Being Evacuated...

By Ruby Paris-Smith, year 7, Grammar School

Constantly, I think about my home. I yearn for my comfortable bed and wish mother was there to hold me tight when I cry. If only there was no stupid war so we’d still all be back at home together. Everything feels so different; it’s almost like I’ve been reborn in a strange new world, with completely different people. I’m so lonely, but I have no one to tell.
We were sitting in our school groups on the train: it was awful. I decided to get out one of my books and start reading but when I did, all the girls in my class started making fun of me and laughing. I tried to ignore them because I don’t see the problem in reading books; it takes you into your own little world, but I could feel my face going bright red and they were still giggling. I got a horrible feeling in my tummy. I wanted to get swallowed down into the ground. I desperately wanted my mother to be with me, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. It was the first time in my life when I felt undesired, I felt like I had no one.
We arrived to Wales and had to wait in a hall filled with chairs. My teacher told me that someone who had a nice home would come and pick one of us to look after. I hoped that I would get chosen by a lovely couple who cared for me and spoilt me, but I didn’t get much luck. It was the worst feeling ever, just sitting there watching people walking past, shaking their heads to you as if to say “You’re not good enough.” I didn’t care that there was a stupid war. I wanted to go home.

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