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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Life of an Evacuee

By Max Jones, year 7, Grammar School

The Conflict

Dear Mother,

How are you doing? I miss you so so much! I am certainly doing alright, and the people who I live with are really lovely, but nowhere near as lovely as you!

The scenery and landscape are a lot different here in Wales compared to Guernsey. There are these colossal hills called slag heaps and they are huge piles of disgusting litter and rubbish but I get a great adrenaline rush when I slide down them and the thrill of it is just incredible.

In most areas of Wales, there are quite a lot more people compared to Guernsey. It doesn’t feel as peaceful as Guernsey with more people around. It feels crowded, packed, overwhelming. The queues for things are much bigger here which makes me feel quite impatient!

Also here in Wales, I don’t know anybody. Back in Guernsey, whenever I went to the market to get food I would say 'hello' to everyone. Sometimes I imagine that I am still in sunny Guernsey. I mistake people for old people I knew. I might shout ‘John!’ No reply. ‘Lizzy! It’s me, Max!’ I just get a strange look from them. I feel very lonely, sad and trapped, even around our carers. I would give anything to come back and see you in Guernsey and to see all my friends that decided to stay in Guernsey rather than being evacuated.

However, it is not all bad. Every Friday we have fish and chips from the chippy just outside our house. School is good, but I have been struggling to make new friends. People sometimes try to avoid me.

Anyway, it could be a lot worse.

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