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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

This is how the war left us

By Rubi Croft, year 7, Grammar School

Torn apart is how the war left me, how it left us. Cheeks wet from the tears streaming out of my ocean blue eyes, mother waving me off, hiding her heartsick expression behind the dripping handkerchief. A new start, you may not think all is bad? That’s where you are wrong.
Gloomy is how the train left me feeling, back in the good old days in London I would have cut my right arm off to have had a whole fun day out on the train but now I would cut my right arm off to leave the train! Dumbstruck, I stared at all the other children, each and every one of their eyes were waterfalls, streaming angry waterfalls. A lot of children didn’t know what was happening to them yet they still looked as scared as could be, this was the first time some of them had ever been apart from their mothers or fathers.
If I ever returned back home, the only thing I would have to remember it by is my mind. All my home would be torn apart, everything I loved and looked up to would now be disintegrated from the bombs. Why did they do this to us? Why couldn’t they pick on somebody else and leave us all in peace?
Leaving my own flesh and blood to go to a new family, never knowing if I’ll ever see my mother and father again. They could be dead, who would care back in London? All of these thoughts infuriated me from head to toe, I’m going to put a stop to this...

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