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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Evacuation Letter

By Chloe Butt, year 7, Grammar School

Dear Mother,
Whenever I step outside the door, I feel cold, deep down inside me. I always think of you, but whenever I do, I think about when Peter and I found you crying in the morning. We didn’t know what was going on. Then, you took us outside and everyone was at the train station, waiting to send all their children off.
By the time we had arrived in our new, warm home, Mr and Miss Harrison were very welcoming. Sometimes at night, Peter would talk about you in his sleep, and when that happens I can almost see you there, waving me off to school in the morning.
The garden here is Colossal! I’ve never seen a garden so big in my life. It has beautiful flowers here, and Miss Harrison waters them every morning before we get up. The school here is very dull though. Peter and I haven’t made any friends yet. They were much more friendly in London.
I really wish you were here with us Mum. I miss you dearly. Peter wishes you were here as well. In our bedroom, Peter and I have a picture of you and Dad up on our wall. Mr Harrison didn’t mind.
How is it over there? Back in London? I really miss our old home, but I’m all right here. I’ve got Peter, and Peter has me. Miss Harrison is really kind to me and Peter. In the morning when we go to school, Miss Harrison would wave us off, just like you used to do.

love from Chloe xxx

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