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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Kelsey Le Bideau, year 8, Grammar School

In the endless tunnel of darkness was silence, that filled the room apart from the thundering thud on the door. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. The fear was swallowing me up, the banging of my heart ringing in my ears, the pumping of my blood that was so loud, I swore the German soldiers could hear me, even though I was hidden away in darkness where me, my mum and my sister were huddled up, gripping each other's hands that were tight with worry. Salty silent puddles of tears dripped down my face, the sting and agony burning me, probably scarring me for a long time, maybe even for life.

They had come for us, our religion, our community, our yellow star. My heart squeezed with anxiety, then leapt in my mouth at the sound of our oak wooden door that was etched with the Jewish star, being smashed to pieces followed by the heavy thud of feet stomping through every room, the occasional smash of a vase or pretty object that belonged close to our Jewish beliefs.

I covered my filthy hands with my mouth as a soldier, maybe several, tore up the oak wooden floorboards, that were so close, too close to finding the dusty trapdoor that would lead them to us. I was so close to shouting, screaming, that I stuffed my delicate, bony hand in my mouth and let the soreness get to me, admitting defeat despite the fact that deep down I made an oath that I would never, ever give in and I would get revenge.

Just then, the piercing, hollow sound of a creaking floorboard filled the airy silence and I held my rapid, pulsing breath as just then, the intimidating shadow of a figure blocked out the shallow light from the doorway. . .

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