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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

War torn

By Edward Brady, year 8, Elizabeth College

Running out the house I screamed “What the heck was that?!”.
Slowly the smoke cleared, and I could make out countless bits of debris, blood and tomatoes. There were people cowering in the corner and screams from all over. As I looked up, I saw 3 bombers speeding off into the distance, this must be what they mean by war.
A few weeks ago, my dad had been taken away from me, they said he was going to war, to fight and do good for the country. My mum has also been forced to help around the island and we have a cramped metal shelter in the garden. This is meant to save our lives, but I doubt it will do anything. I’ve also just heard my mum saying I may have to go away but I don’t want to leave, I love my family and my friends. Suddenly there was more screaming, what had happened? Just as I started to run outside, I saw my mum walking in, she was devasted, tears rolled down her cheeks and she could barely breathe. “what happened?” I asked. Through the tears she replied “d-d-d-daa-a-dds boat is ughh b-b-bombed.” Tears carried on rolling down her cheeks; she was turning redder by the second. “Is he dead?” I said realizing the reality of this. My mum just replied “Yes” then we both burst out into tears. All the good times we had came rushing back to me like a river: the fishing, the football and the jokes, they were never going to happen again. He was the best person in the world, what was I going to do?

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