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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Leaving Home

By Rachel Dallin, year 8, Grammar School

Pain, it was something I’d have thought I would be used to it by now but still every time I heard the cry of a child or saw the face of a Mother as the boat chugged away from the harbour a wave of sadness still washed over me. But I knew I had to be strong for my sister, because in her mind it was all an adventure, she still hadn't come to terms with what war really meant.
As the light faded, I looked around the dismal boat examining the disheartened faces wondering if any of them had the slightest idea what was going on. All too soon the lush land of England came into view. My mind churned with unanswered questions, Who was going to pick us up? What will happen? Why can't we just stay at home? When will we return to Guernsey? As we shuffled off the boat, I gazed at my surroundings taking in the lavish green of England. Trees loomed above me like the turrets of a castle and the working sounds of the harbour rumbled on behind me like a roaring lion. The soft thud of my sister's boots echoed in my ears as we trudged up the cobbled lane, I could tell now that nothing was going to be the same as it once was. Why didn’t they think of us, the children, how we would feel or how this war would change our lives? But still we had to learn to bear with it because we were just two children caught up in the middle of an adults’ war.

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