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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

A child's war

By Ben Burgess, year 8, Elizabeth College

Smoke lingered in the air as I awoke. Dazed and confused I shouted, “Dad, what’s happening?”
No reply. I hurried down the stairs only to see the kitchen burning and blazing. Fear enclosed me and again I shrieked, “Dad!”
Then, faint at first, but slowly getting louder, a whistling sound from the sky. Then more and more of the same sound. I waddled outside to see what it was. I grasped the metal door handle. The shock and the force of the explosion hit me like a truck. The door flew off and pinned me to the floor. Blood gushed from a deep wound in my leg and I couldn’t bear to look at my arm. I finally built up the nerve to look at what I thought was my arm, but a jagged end of a bone protruding through a flap of skin just above what should have been my elbow. Blood poured out of the severed end, dyeing my clothes a deep red. The pain grew too much and I went from one reality into another.
I awoke to a voice yelling at me, “Wake up.”
My blurred vision started to kick in and a man in dirty rags was shaking me violently. He was covered in cuts and bruises. His clothes reeked of smoke as well as being torn and burnt in places. Half his hair was singed off and a nasty bubbling black burn replaced it. He started lifting the door and rubble that pinned me to the floor as he saw I was coming back to this reality. When he had removed it, he lifted me up from the floor and sat me aside a wall. He said to me, “War has come."

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