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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

A new beginning

By Joseph Blake, year 8, Elizabeth College

As the daddies from London go somewhere, I wonder when my daddy will come back. Daddy said he was going to visit grandma because she was unwell, and that he would be back in a week. He hasn’t come home yet. Mum cries a lot and hugs me every day before I go to school. At school everyone is crying too. They say they miss their mummies and daddies a lot.

Then, the man came to school. They gave us boxes with masks in, then they sent us on the trains. Mummy said that it was an adventure and she would see me soon, and to be a big boy for her.

The train was a colossal machine. We all climbed on and the train left the station gathering up steam. Mummy waved goodbye to me. I looked round the carriage and noticed strange people in brown and green suits with helmets on. They looked like they were going to a fancy-dress party. At the last stop me and my friends got off. There were lots of planes in the sky, and fire too. I was scared, and my friends from the train were frightened as well. They took us to a hall in a very smashed up village, with lots of bits of house everywhere. One of the houses had red water coming out from under it.

In the hall I was given to a family I didn’t know. They took me to their house and told me to forget about what was going on and to start a new life. I did start anew, but I never forgot the past.

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