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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Crushed and Torn Apart

By Olivia Wherry, year 8, Grammar School

The rumbling of the planes above was the first thing I heard that night. I ran as the room began to shake around me, the smoke engulfed almost everything in sight and then I heard the scream of my sister but I couldn't turn back, not now. But I didn't want to go back for her, I spent too much time thinking, the ceiling collapsed on me trapping me inside of the rubble.

It was loud, my stomach was twisting, my head was pounding, my heart slowing with every movement but I couldn't just stop, I began to push the rubble above my head, tears streaming down my face, panic stricken. Dust falling onto my face, being inhaled into my lungs. I was struggling to breathe, one of my ribs was fractured, perhaps broken, and the dust and smoke were not helping. It was getting harder and harder to stay focused, my world turned dim and dark around me. I pushed once more before opening up an area I could clamber out of. And then it stopped...

The only thing I heard was the blood-curdling scream of my sister before all was quiet. I pushed my sweat-soaked hair out of the way of my fading blue eyes. Everything seemed silent, I wandered towards my sister, her leg was sticking out of the dust and rubble. Not a single movement. The planes began again.

And then came my demise, the moment I looked up I knew my time had come, my arms stretched out as the ceiling roof collapsed upon me, killing me in an instant, the last thing I ever saw was my sister crushed and flattened by the roof, possibly decapitated. What an ending my life has come to. Perhaps Heaven will fare better than this life.

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