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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Let's Go on a Holiday

By Sam Hancock, year 7, Elizabeth College

“You said what?”
“Pack your bags it's time to leave” My mother tried soothing me, it wasn’t working. I had become too attached to the world as I knew it, I couldn’t see it fall apart. It just didn’t make any sense.


I could’ve argued with my parents all day that day, but I knew they were right. I just couldn’t accept the change. “What about my scout camp?” This was something I was truly going to miss, I worked hard at getting all my badges and I wouldn’t intend to go somewhere else just to start again.


I covered my ears, the sound of planes' engines cluttering filled my spine with fear, yet adrenaline. If some greedy person is going to take our life just to benefit theirs, there is no way I am going down without a fight, even though I have no training it's just like video games? Right?

By the end of the day my eyes struggled to stay open, as we rode off into the night, seeking a safer place. ‘They’ll pay!’ I thought, ‘If I can survive just one more year, it will be my time to fight back. My time to serve the army in glorious combat.’

Like my dad.

In my head he’s still here, making bad jokes, laughing. “We will be with him soon,” my mum half smiles. It's easy to tell that she can’t convince herself.

We made it, the tree climbing, pig playing, campfire singing countryside, except where are the tree climbers, pig players and campfire singers? Distress runs down my spine like a spine-tickling spider.

“I want daddy!” The words are muffled as I begin to sob and cry.

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