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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The big move

By Ryan Moroney, year 8, Grammar School

Today is the day, the day which I had been dreading for all my life. I wish it was all a bad dream, not a true story. Today I have to move away from my family to the Country side, where I will be living with strangers for the next couple of years. I am going with my school and my friends, but we will all be split up and go away with families.

I didn't want to get out of my nice bed this morning, I just wanted to stay and have a lie in like any other day. But instead a war had to start and I have to move away.

I can hear my Mum shouting " Stan get up, you need to get ready ,we have to meet at the harbour with your classmates in half an hour."

I then shouted, "No! I don't wan't to go."

She replied, "Well hard luck, there is a war on. Do you want to die or not? Right, we're leaving in two minutes, so If you don't get changed you will be embarrassed because you will turn up in your pj's."

Once I had changed, I started to walk laps around the house I might never see again. On the walk to the harbour I had tears running down my cheeks because I may never see my Mum ever again. My mum is the only family member I have got, my Dad died one year ago so I really don't want her to die.

Once we arrived, all my friends were stepping onto the boat so I gave my Mum the biggest kiss ever and then I ran onto the boat with tears running from my eyes. I turned around, waved and then stepped on and then turned around.

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