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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Muslim Life

By Harry Bisson, year 7, Elizabeth College

This row caused by one gunshot has ruined the world as I know it. Why is it worth fighting if there is going to be no winner sometime soon? We all just want it to end, by all, I mean everyone in the world. Just because of who I am I get treated like those English warriors who I think do the right thing. I hate these darn Germans. I am just a helpless little Muslim after all. Maybe those Germans got something right after all. (But that still doesn’t change my view on them). How did Hitler come to power anyway, if all he is going to do is kill his people, how was he chosen to lead some nice people? Hitler is the only one I really hate. If you get to know the real people like I have done, you will most likely have the same view as me.

If you want to know a real man, look at Jesse Owens! He’s my hero, proving that you should not be judged by your appearance. He was judged by Hitler, then he proved that that freak with a moustache that looks like a brush wrong. If I met him I wouldn’t just shoot him, I would teach him how to shave and salute.

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