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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

Dear Diary

By Emily Sylvester, year 8, Grammar School

My name is Rama, I am 13 and I am a Syrian Refugee.

The bombs had been going for hours so muma, papa, Amira and I were all downstairs; we couldn’t sleep. You could see the houses in the village being destroyed. Teachers, friends, running into the smoke filled horizon.

Today our house was destroyed. We heard a massive explosion above us and ran as far as we could; leaving everything behind. We managed to escape Syria with the help of a smuggler. We all hid in a rental car and crossed the border; it’s illegal but was our only option.

It’s now a few days later. We have managed to find a refugee camp, already housing many others. We are staying a tent; it’s nothing like home but has 2 rooms and a kitchen area.

When my older brother Usama left to fight he gave me a locket with a picture of us in it. When we were leaving Syria we had to pay the smuggler. My locket was the only thing we had so papa gave it away. Obviously I was upset but knew that Usama would want us to be safe. Today I woke up to find mama crying in the kitchen. She had been given a letter saying Usama had been shot dead.

It’s been a few days since I last wrote. We have all been grieving about the death of Usama. Last night I could hear mama and papa arguing about what to do next. If the Syrian government find out we have gone we will be severely punished but if we go back it will be extremely dangerous. I miss home, I miss Usama, I wish life could be normal again.


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