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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9


By Seb Roxby, year 8, Grammar School

‘Where is she?’ thought Jason, as he sprinted up the hill. He burst through the hedge at the top of the hill, onto the cobbled path. He ran up it towards the shadowy castle. He leaped through the doorway and studied the maze of corridors, he chose one and sprinted down it.

His ears caught a cry for help which pushed him to run faster. Ahead, a torch illuminated the wall. He grabbed it and then approached a door. Without hesitation he kicked it down and looked around the room.
A scream came from somewhere that sounded closer than the last one.
‘Ruby!’ he yelled.
Then he proceeded to run down another corridor and then he saw him.

‘Hello, Jason,’ came his sinister voice, gravelly and grim. ‘I’ve been awaiting your arrival.’
‘Where is Ruby?’ Jason yelled.
‘You won’t find her,’ he replied, eerily calm.
Jason charged at him, but he sidestepped him.
‘Give it up,’ he sighed.
Then suddenly Jason looked up and punched him in the face, which made him sail back into the wall.
‘Ruby!’ he yelled again,
‘Through here!’ she yelled back.
He reached another door and tried to open it but it was locked. Jason cursed then threw the torch at it, it burned down quickly and Jason leaped through the flames.
He found Ruby tied up to a chair, ‘I’ll get you out of here’ he said.
He untied her and looked back through the door, the man was standing there glaring at them.
‘You’ll never escape,’ he bellowed.
'Follow me,’ whispered Ruby and started to climb the side of the brick wall.
Jason followed.
The man made his way through the door, but they had already escaped through the window. An outraged roar was briefly audible, then silence.

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