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Intermediate. Years 7/8/9

The End

By Tia Evans , year 8, Grammar School

I can hear screaming as bombs fall out the sky, There are people in the street running, trying to hide. The first thing that comes into my head is “Kaden, where are you ?” I yell throughout the house, I’m running through the rooms trying to find my brother. Nothing … I look in his room. “Tia,” he says. I can see his eyes are drowning in tears; he looks like he’s seen a ghost. “Come on, we are going to the bunker.”
"Mum ?” he spoke with fear in his voice.
“She’s already in the bunker, now let’s go”. We were almost at the bunker, when I saw a soldier “Help,” Kaden yells. I put my hand over his mouth and hide behind a bush.
“I know you are there, come out from behind the bush.” he bellows. I can feel the terror radiating of my brother, I know he can feel my fear as well.
“Kaden, stay here. I will go with the guard and you meet mum in the bunker … tell her I love her.” I choke on my words as I try to tell my brother. We are crying our eyes out “I love you,” I say as I stand, exposing where I am.
“Come here.” his voice is ferocious, I recognise his voice; he is the one who killed dad. Memories flood back and I lose control, I start attacking the soldier.
When I wake up I’m no longer in Guernsey. There are soldiers in every direction but none of them are speaking, in fact no one is speaking. There is an eerie silence. Everyone is queuing up. The first guard to speak says “SHOWERS” I feel ok until I notice that no one has left the showers. It’s my turn ...

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